The Original Liver King (PRE STEROIDS)

Liver King before he was Liver King. He was a powerlifter and Crossfit style lifter with amazing strength and performance. His voice was higher and softer. His skin was smooth. He seems like a super nice guy. Liver King as a natural before steroids and PEDs was much smaller but still very high performance. He adopted the ancestral lifestyle to save his family from the disease of modern diet and lifestyle. He used PEDs to create a physique that would catch the audience attention to help spread his message. But he got caught lying and became the biggest Fake Natty story in history. Later he says on the Flagrant podcast he will go back to Natty. I highly recommend against that. Life is better Enhanced. Please Liver King... You are already out of the closet. Don't go back in the Natty closet or you will lose all your gains and have a miserable life of small muscles.


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